How I Make Money by Gambling Smartly

There may be no such concept as a “sure thing” when it comes to gambling but there are a few bets which com pretty close.

Before I go into the specifics, I would like to say that everyone who enters the arena of gambling must at first adopt a strategy called Handicapping. Handicapping is the method most bookmakers use to determine their odds for a particular match. It’s not gambling, per se, it’s more like an art, which requires a lot of practice and patience. More on Handicapping later.

I am not going to talk about casino games, because I make my living off of them. You’ll just have to develop a strategy for poker.ovic comes in handy when gambling.

Strategy #1 – The Field

The Field is a bet placed on a match by a betting exchange such as Betfair. Most of the time no advantage is achieved in the bet because the market prices are often so saturated with money, that there is little hope of finding a better price.

However, some times the prices offered are higher than the true odds – and if you know anything about betting, you’ll know that not all prices offered on a market are of equal value.

The Field is best when you are betting on a match between two opponents who are of known opposite profiles.

For example, David vs Goliath. If you placed a bet on David would win the match at 5-1, you would have a 12-5 chance of winning if you placed your bet on Goliath at the same odds. Other examples could include betting on a team who has more similar characteristics to the opponent team.

The field is also good in other sports where there are known strong clashes, such as golf, tennis, motor racing and snooker.

Strategy #2 – The Head to Head

Another important bet where the odds are heavily stacked against the bettor is the betting on head to head competition. This is usually a fight between two opponents who have previously fought each other in a similar situation.

The thing to remember when betting on this type of competition is that the more you study the opposition, the better the chance you have of winning.

Use your knowledge of your opponent to your advantage, and bet on their strengths and weakness. If they are strong and you think they will be weak, you can consider betting on their weaknesses.

Of course, if you think your opponent will be weak and will soon be knocked out, you should not bet on the match.

Strategy #3 – Lv Inevitably

Being able to make money from DewaGG is not necessarily easy. Inevitably, some people will always lose and some people will always win, but with time and experience, you should be able to make winning work for you.

Learning to accept loses is important so that you won’t lose your shirt, and to accept wins is also important so that you’ll come out on top.

Accepting losses won’t guarantee your wins, but if you make winning work for you, you’ll be able to study your wins and make money from them.