Free Betfair Betting Exchange

Right now, Betting Exchange customers would probably be better off with a free Betfair bet to help them get started with a new betting strategy. That’s because Betting Exchange have just launched their Betting Exchange Free Bet offer.

The tagline for this new product is that “£25 is all you need to claim your £50 free bet”. The money that you would be deposited into your Betting Exchange account when you purchase your first bet will be matched up to the value of £25.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You will receive a promotional code at the end of the promotional offer (if you purchased the first bet that is not the largest). Write this code into your browser and you will receive a £25 free bet. You can use this free bet to bet on any game on or offline. You can bet football, tennis, golf, cricket, horse racing, handball, baseball and so on.
  2. Now you must place a bet on the same market at the same price. For example, you purchased a £10 bet and the odds are 2/1, you will now have the opportunity to bet on the golf market for £20. Your free bet will again be matched to the same value and you will receive a total of £30. Make sure you take care to read the terms and conditions of the online sports betting offer before you commit to it because once you have transferred the money to your Betting Exchange account there are certain conditions to be respected.
  3. While you may be feeling like that isn’t very much to go on, you will realise that £30 is more than enough to bet on a wide range of sports.
  4. What will you get if you win a bet? Matched to your stakes, you will receive a free bet coupon in the mail the next time the qualifying bet comes in. This will be your next free bet and so on.
  5. How can you make new friends online? Well, we all learnt our lessons from the school of hard knocks so you can bring a friend or family member into your online betting and if you make a profit then you will get the balance of the bet back.
  6. Betting can now be done in the comfort of your own home, you do not need to have a laptop and other such things to sit at an online bookies and watch a game of pokerace99.
  7. Quick and easy money in your pocket. Unlike the majority of online bookies, Betting Exchange do not take their commissions from any losing bets. Instead they take a very small cut of the winnings.
  8. It is so easy to open an account with Betting Exchange. Even if you don’t know how to use a computer you can open an account with their customer services and that’s it.
  9. Betting is so easy that you can do it in your underwear if you wanted to. And you would never have to worry about checking the odds on a football match.
  10. The best thing about it is that there is never any pressure to open an account with Betting Exchange. You can pick your own time and place your own bets.

If you are looking for an easy, fast and easy way to make money then I would like to describe the Betting Exchange review.